At NixiHost we have taken server efficiency and supply chain efficiency to another level. All of our servers are purchased directly from their manufacturers at a wholesale cost and then co-located in a secure datacenter facility. The business relationships we have established over the years allow us to get a greatly discounted rate on our server hardware, co-location, and bandwidth fees. We can then pass this discounted rated along to our customers.

Each shared and reseller hosting server is built with the latest Intel Xeon hardware, at least 24GB of server grade RAM, and a redundant array of server grade solid state drives for the protection of your email, blog, or your entire business. All customer data is equally important to us and we have taken the finest industry standard methods of protection to keep that data online.

Once our servers are delivered we take them to our data-center where a technician will install and configure the server. Once configured we don't immediately flood it with customers like most other companies do. Instead we run a volley of hardware tests to confirm integrity and then max out each component to make sure it has been built to our standards and will survive the rigors of day to day use. Chances are your gaming rig doesn't see half the action some of our servers do.

Our servers are typically configured as follows:

» Custom Built Rackmount Chassis
» Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon CPUs
» At least 24GB of ECC Registered RAM
» Gigabit uplink to multiple Internet backbones
» Server grade solid state drives (SSDs) configured in a redundant, high speed RAID array
» Industry standard cPanel Control Panel
» Redundant Internet connections from Level3, Tiscali, Global Crossing, and WBS-Connect
» Co-located in a 24/7 secure access datacenter in Orlando, FL